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One of the key objectives of the TFWG is to ensure the area is maintained to a standard that is safe and usable as a recreational amenity by Audlem residents and visitors to the village. Such activity also needs to conform to the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act to preserve its conservation and wildlife corridors status. These objectives are described in the Turnpike Field Maintenance and Enhancement plan. Click Here
The following maintenance works hoped to be carried out in Turnpike Field:

  • Cut defined grass paths four times a year.
  • Cut hedges once a year.
  • Cut field grass areas once a year.
  • Cut wild flower meadow once a year and clear hay after two weeks.
    There will be occasions when ad-hoc maintenance work is required such as flailing Himalayan Balsam and clearing fallen trees/branches.

    Green Car Park
    So called because it maintains the appearance of a grass field, whilst facilitating regular and safe parking of cars. The provision of such a car park, based on the support expressed by the majority of villagers present at several open meetings, is to provide additional capacity for tourists and villagers as Audlem continues to expand. The existing gated access from Green Lane will be redesigned for this purpose.
    Working Group is currently pursuing costings and planning approval for this and for a permanent, wheelchair friendly pedestrian access from Shropshire Street.
    Recently a request was made for tenders to assist with the project. Click here for more information.

    Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT) granted funding for two ponds in the field. CWT did all the work and in the near future wooden picket fencing will be constructed in the near future. One major justification for the ponds was specifically to help the newt population.
    There is now one adjacent to the bridge connecting the upper filed to the lower one. A second one is above the floating bog in the lower field — each measuring 10 x 10 metres.
    Apparently two ponds that previously existed on the Greys Bridge side had dried up, although the depression in the ground can still be seen.

    Waste Bins
    Two new waste bin has been installed just inside the field at the Shropshire Street entrance and at the Green Lane/Grey's Bridge entrance.

    Picnic benches
    Five of the round benches have been installed at various places -1 was kindly donated by the Public Hall Committee and 4 more were purchased by the PC.

    In March 2019 an online survey was conducted, asking residents to nominate their four preferred uses of the field.
    Click Here to view the results.
    All comments and suggestions are welcome — please contact the Working Group at

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