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Turnpike Field — current progress

Since the field was acquired the working group have been quite busy seeking the opinions of the community as regards its future uses. There has also been progress in a number of other areas.

Following on from the recent survey, a contractor has been appointed to carry out the work. This will probably take 4-5 days, requiring sections of the field to be temporarily closed for safety reasons. Signs will be placed so as to warn people. Since several trees have Tree Preservation Orders, the work will commence once the appropriate permits have been received.

Ecological Survey
The funding for this was approved by the Parish Council, and Cheshire Wildlife Trust carried this out on July 5th. The report covering things like grass cutting, plans for wildflower planting and other maintenance has been received.

Click Here to see the survey report.
Click Here to see the list of species.

Waste Bins
Two new waste bin has been installed just inside the field at the Shropshire Street entrance and at the Green Lane/Grey's Bridge entrance.

Picnic benches
Five of the round benches have been installed at various places -1 was kindly donated by the Public Hall Committee and 4 more were purchased by the PC.

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