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Last Update: 16th April, 2019

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In 2018, AUDLEM acquired ownership of the 11.5-acre parcel of land adjacent to Green Lane, the Shropshire Union Canal and Shropshire Street. Not only does this ensure that there will be no housing or unwanted development but it is intended that in the future it should offer a variety of recreational uses for villagers and visitors, e.g. wildflower areas, seating, picnic area, conservation etc.
Its name stems back from the historical Toll-House that existed at the junction of Green Lane and Whitchurch Road.

For details of the transaction, Click Here

Already it is proving to be very popular with walkers — with and without dogs! The southern end has a long established public right of way from the stile at Lock 11 to Green Lane adjacent to Grey's Bridge and can now be more easily accessed though a new pedestrian gate installed close to the canal bridge on Shropshire Street.

As Audlem has become more popular the pressure on parking has significantly increased. In the future a relatively small area of the field is intended to become a "Green" car park, i.e. using a mesh system so as to preserve its grassy appearance.

To help plan and manage the development of the land, the Turnpike Field Working Group (TFWG) has been formed comprising of several Audlem Parish Councillors, aided and abetted by volunteers from the community.
Councillors: Steve Boyes, David Higham, Lynette Hopkins and Nigel Mottershead.
Community volunteers: Michael Cookson, Steve Elliott, Judy Evans, Neil Goodyear and Ralph Warburton
As plans for the field (which will be based on the inputs from Audlem village) are formulated, additional helpers will be undoubtedly be required.

Green Car Park

So called because it maintains the appearance of a grass field, whilst facilitating regular and safe parking of cars. The provision of such a car park, which is based on support expressed by the majority of villagers present at recent open meetings, is to provide additional capacity for tourists and villagers as Audlem continues to expand. The existing gated access from Green Lane will need to be redesigned for this purpose.
One of the current activities of the Working Group is in obtaining costings and planning approval for this and for a permanent, wheelchair friendly pedestrian access from Shropshire Street, as soon as possible.

Wildlife Survey

This professional survey is currently being scheduled for early June and will be carried out in conjunction with Cheshire East.

Tree Survey

A professional survey was recently carried out. To see the results, Click Here. Currently a number of tenders to carry out urgently required maintenance works are being sought.

Himalayan Balsam

This will be treated early this summer, immediately following after the wildlife survey. Walkers etc. are advised not to touch or pull out the balsam as this would simply spread the balsam further. Its not dangerous — just a very invasive, non-native plant.

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